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Nostalgia Corvette Funny Car Body Mounting

Follow the progress as we convert our Prowler altered to a nostalgia Corvette funny car.

Please understand these pictures are for illustration only and may not show the actual set up used by JD2 chassis during the modification of this race car.

We start by placing the Funny Factory Corvette body over the chassis and center it up. The first thing we see is the roll cage is too tall!
Vette Body Too Tall Vette Rear Tire
We determine the seat can be lowered and moved slightly forward. This allows us to install a new roll cage that is 3" lower than the original roll cage.
So much for that fresh NHRA certification!
New Cage Old Cage
Once we took care of that problem, the body is centered up again. Once the proper location is determined, it's time to engineer the mounting frame work.
Vette Body Location Vette Body Location
We opt to start with the pivot frame. We will also be using the Prowler body, so we will us an adapter frame for the chassis pivot.
Chassis Adapter
These pictures show the rear pivot frame. Vette Body Pivot Frame Vette Body Pivot Frame
These pictures show the front body support and latch frame.
Vette Body Front Frame Vette Body Front Frame
These pictures show the front of the engine body support frame. We will have another set of mounting pads to install after the firewall and dash is installed. They will connect the body mounting frame from front to rear.
Vette Body Mid Frame Vette Body Mid Frame
These pictures show the shoulder hoop horse collar frame and body attaching brackets.
Vette Body Front Frame Vette Body Front Frame Vette Body Front Frame
These pictures show the firewall being installed.
Vette Firewall Tin Vette Firewall Tin
These pictures show the body side tin mounting brackets being installed.
Vette Side Tin Ledge Vette Side Tin Ledge
We have finished the tin mounting brackets.
Vette Side Tin Ledge Vette Side Tin Ledge
This is the start of the dash panel.
Vette Dash
We have cut the supercharger hole in the body and are starting the dog house.
Vette Supercharger Cut out
These are pictures of the side tin, dash, firewall and dog house.
Vette Tin Work Vette Tin Work
The mounting is mostly finished, so we pushed it outside for these pictures.
Side Look Front Look
This picture shows the final body pad and the final part of the body mounting frame work that spans the valve cover area. This connects the body front to back.
Vette Engine Bay Body Support Vette Engine Bay Body Support
We are working on the zoomie headers. These pictures show the progress.
Vette Hemi Zoomie Vette Hemi Zoomie
These pictures show the newly added fire bottles mounted inside the chassis.
Vette Fire Bottles
We have turned the body over and are working on glassing in the body tree pads and creating the escape hatch opening. These pictures show the progress.
Vette Upsidedown Vette Upsidedown
Following that we will paint the inside of the body with fire retardant paint.
Vette Fireproof Paint Vette Fireproof Paint
We have finished converting our JD2 Chromoly fabricated 9" housing to a full floater. We installed a Strange Engineering floater kit and are waiting on the axles.
Vette 9 inch Floater Vette 9 inch Floater
We have shipped the body out to Micky Hale's North Coast Rods for paint.
We will be finishing the headers and freshening the Hemi and JD2 Billet 2 speed transmission.
There are many small, but important details to be worked!

These are some pictures of the finished funny car.

"The cardboard always fits!!!"

This is the body lift unit that we built and use. It is adjustable for balance and attachment.

Lift Unit LiftUnitsv
Lift Unit Adjustable hook Sliding Hook

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